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The CRS POA Board meeting, scheduled for Thursday, August 4 at 6:00, has been rescheduled for Wednesday, August 10 at 6:00 pm

Official notice here

Board Meeting Agenda 


Where do I get a gate opener?
Remote gate opener are available from the POA Board Treasurer and currently cost $20. To arrange purchase you can email the POA Board at POA@CanyonRidgeSprings.info.

Can I camp in the park?
The POA park on Cow Creek Road is a private park for use by registered landowners. Camping in the park by landowners or the public is prohibited. Landowners may camp on their lot as provided in the CCR document.

How do I reserve the park?
CRS landowners may reserve the park for picnics or private events by contacting the POA Board in person or via email at POA@CanyonRidgeSprings.info. There is no charge for a landowner to use the park as long as it is clean after it has been used. 

What is the gate code?
CRS is a gated community and the gate code is available to landowners and licensed real estate agents and other professionals who service the development. Anyone visiting or working for a landowner should obtain the gate code from the landowner. Anyone needing access to do business in the development may contact any board member for the access code.

Who is responsible for mowing the common areas?
The POA board appoints the infrastructure committee who is responsible for mowing,
park and road maintenance. The infrastructure committee is listed on the POA website.

How do I contact the board?
Email the POA Board at POA@CanyonRidgeSprings.info.

Do you have to use an approved builder?
There is not an approved builder list at CRS. Landowners may select any builder and must have their building project plans approved by the Architectural Review Committee prior to having their builder start work.

How do I get my building plans approved?
The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRʼs) are available on this website and are part of the closing package when a lot is purchased. Once the lot improvement plans are complete, the landowner (not the builder) is responsible for obtaining an approval letter from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) before improvements are started. The ARC can provide a list of required documents. Contact the ARC at ARC@CanyonRidgeSprings.info.

​How much are the POA Dues?
POA dues are currently $275 per year per lot. There is also a per lot $100 road maintenance fee due at the same time as the POA dues. These fees are adjusted annually by the Board, as required.

Do I need to drill a water well?
Water is provided to the CRS development by Aqua Texas, Inc and a water connection has been installed at the corner of each lot. Contact Aqua Texas 877-987-2782 for a meter to connect to. The CCRs allow owners to drill a well which can be used for irrigation purposes only. Property owners must contact Aqua Texas to connect to the community well for household use. While water is supplied to each lot, sanitary sewer is not and each landowner will need to provide a private septic system when the lot is improved.

Is there a separate gate code for delivery and service people?
Yes. Property owners may contact the POA Board to obtain this code.

Are there any community activities?
CRS is a relatively small rural community and from time to time residents plan neighborhood gatherings, social events, and community work days. Annually there is both a picnic at the neighborhood park and a meeting of members to conduct the business of the association.

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